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For over thirty years, Needleman Management Company has been a fixture in the commercial real estate market – buying, building and leasing prime office space in Southern New Jersey.   We work where you work, right here in South Jersey, and we develop lasting relationships with our business clients, providing service that far exceeds larger property management and/or leasing companies.

Needleman Management:
Partners in Your Success

Your space needs are more than a simple structure to house your business operations. Leasing the right space for your business allows you to engage customers, inspire employees, and grow your company. Needleman Management gets it.   We’ve been assisting companies like yours for over three decades. Our approach is simple: we are hands on. We know the best way to provide value to our clients is to own and manage our properties. We strive to understand how you work and what you need to be successful. This philosophy drives us to be better owners and managers, thereby providing you with the optimal office space to grow your business.

Local Focus:
Helping Companies in South Jersey for 30 Years

We know that when you commit to being a part of the local business community, you want to know the history, the trends, and who your neighbors are. With three decades of serving local office, medical, retail, and industrial clients under our belt, we have the needed insight to locate the right space in the right location at the right price. This is what Needleman Management does best. Our local focus means we provide the highest quality service at competitive pricing.

Hands-On Management:
The Thirty-Minute Rule

All of our properties are located within 30 minutes of our Cherry Hill office. We strongly believe that proximity is key to our success and our ability to respond quickly to your needs. With an in-house maintenance team, service is delivered professionally and in a timely manner. Any problem that may arise is addressed swiftly, with an emphasis on detail.

The Key to Seamless Growth

With a portfolio of over 2,000,000 square feet of space located entirely in South Jersey, Needleman Management will be a key partner in your growth. With growth, transition to larger or different space is often a necessity. Space within our portfolio is readily available throughout the life of your company and during lease term. Confidently plan for the future knowing your office needs will be handled by Needleman Management Company.

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