Tenant Services

To our tenants and prospective tenants:   WELCOME!

We are the Needleman Management Maintenance Department, and we are here to serve you in the quickest and most efficient manner possible.  We strive to satisfy 100% of our tenants 100% of the time.

What We Do

We have a friendly office staff handling your emails, calls, and faxed concerns or service requests.  All service requests are dispatched immediately to our well-qualified team of technicians, each of whom are assigned to specific buildings.  Any service above and beyond our technician’s capability is dispatched to one of our licensed and qualified contractors.   In addition to handling specific service requests, our technicians are constantly inspecting their sites and performing preventative maintenance. Likely, you will become familiar with your particular service man or woman!

How To Reach Us

You can contact the Service Department by email or phone:

  • [email protected]
  • Phone Number: 856-482-5971 Note: If you have an emergency after business hours, press option #2 and you will be connected to our on-call personnel.
  • Fax: 856-482-2513

Get to Know Us

Please meet our team. Although you deal with the same team member, any of our representatives will be glad to assist you.

  • Kelly Hubbs, Executive Vice President
  • Tom Krampen, Maintenance Supervisor
  • Laura Kress, Customer Service Supervisor
  • Charlene Ganges, Customer Service Representative
  • Pam Davis, Customer Service Representative
  • Toni Qualls, Customer Service Representative
  • George Koleser, Technician
  • Kevin Baerman, Technician
  • Lee Miller, Technician
  • Rob Irwin, Technician
  • Xavier Garris, Technician

Forms You May Need